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About Piper

Piper was born in Roanoke, VA. She has since lived in Tallahassee, Florida, Spain, and the UK as well as New York City, where she currently resides. Along with her prose and screenwriting experience, she also has a strong theatre background, having worked as a playwright, producer, director, and stage manager for numerous productions around the U.S. including an immersive production of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound. 


She continued her love for the arts through her two BA degrees at Florida State University in both theatre and creative writing. At LFS and other production companies in London, she has worked as a producer, script supervisor, and script editor as well as in various other crew positions. Because of this, a short film she produced, The Dark Year, showed at the London Lift-Off Film Festival in 2020. Later, the same film won Best Student Drama Short at the IndieX Film Festival in Los Angeles that same year. When she is not writing, Piper enjoys playing the tuba, skiing, and traveling to new places as well as caring for her cat, Penny.

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